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A Guide to Enhancing Engagement: Part Two

Taking on many of the attributes associated with the newly adopted Learning Experience Platform (LXP), the Open Learning Experience (OLX) was designed to incorporate the best of both worlds in digital learning…  

That is a defined course structure that can be both facilitated by administrators and taken at an appropriate pace by the learner, as well as harnessing the data produced during the course consumption in order to recommend supplementary learning content and activities.  

We’re now well underway with our pioneering 3-part OLX, ‘Data, Nudges & Learning: A Guide to Enhancing Engagement’. Part-2, ‘Data & Course Design, began Tuesday 28th May and over a 2-week period, our Learning Solutions experts helped you to explore how data interacts with course design, covering the iterative approaches, piloting courses and instructional design, as well as various methods for personalization and adaptivity for workplace learning.  

The aim for this second part was for you to come away with a clearer understanding of what can be attributed to a successful training program, recognizing how data is becoming essential in informing future decisions about course design and facilitating more impactful change.  

Part Two: Key Learning Points  

The third and final instalment of our OLX begins Monday 24th June, which means you have more than enough time to jump back into the experience to recap on the lessons from both parts one and two.  

But if you’re strapped for time and just want a quick refresher on the basics, you’ve come to the right place! Here we have the key learning points from part-2, as well as the resources used to help aid your understanding:

Key Learning 

  • Understanding the latest Instructional Design trends 
  • Recognizing what types of data you can (and should) be collecting with your LRS 
  • Understanding the value of personalization in digital learning 
  • Understanding how your existing data can inform decisions about future course design 

Learning Material  

2019 Instructional Design & Learning Trends 

Learning Locker Data Fundamentals 

How Adaptive Learning Revolutionizes Corporate Training 

Making Improvements: Using Data to Inform the F2F 

‘Data & Business Benefits’, the third and final instalment in our 3-part ‘Data, Nudges & Learning’ Open Learning Experience begins Monday 24th June. Join us to learn about the business benefits of using your data, including using xAPI to measure ROI.  

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