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Data, Nudges & Learning: A Guide to Enhancing Engagement

Want to do stuff with data? Right this way…

In this new 3-part Open Learning Experience (OLX), you’ll learn how to effectively harness applied analytics principles to create engaging, compelling learning design.

Explore how you can use data to create meaningful learning experiences that boost retention and help drive ROI.

This OLX will be of interest to digital learning specialists, designers and managers. These courses typically attract 500+ enrolments from around the world and offer a great opportunity to interact with experts and peers from the industry, sharing knowledge, best practice, case studies and more.

Part 1: Data, Nudges & Learning

Part 2: Data & Course Design

Part 3: Data & Business Benefits

Each part works through specific examples using curated resources, exploring a range of topic areas such as Motivation Theory, the Social Intelligence Dashboard, Semantic Analysis and more.

This course is suitable for anyone working in L&D or higher or further education. No specific technical or training experience will be required, but those with no background in online learning at all may need to do a bit more background study (which we’ll help with along the way).

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