A Guide to Learning Experience Platforms

LXPs: Are they any different?


Like any industry or profession, the world of L&D comes with its own list of never-ending jargon. From LMS to SCORM, xAPI to gamification, we just love an acronym. But is the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) a worthy addition to our lexicon and just exactly how does it differ from the widely-adopted LMS?

Created to help you understand what LXPs are and how they can help improve the learning and development within your organization, this downloadable guide from Learning Pool includes:


  1. LXPs: Are they any different?
  2. What is an LXP?
  3. Three reasons why LXPs are relevant right now
  4. What’s really the difference? LMS vs. LXP
  5. The 7 habits of highly effective LXPs
  6. Implementation strategy
  7. Conclusions

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