A practical guide to learning solutions

16:00 - 16:50 (GMT)
10 November 2021

We are all digital learning teams now – the COVID-19 pandemic made sure of that. Many learning teams got through the last 18 months by successfully shifting to a digital-first model for learning but with a dizzying array of solutions and overlapping terms (LMS, LXP, ecosystems, virtual classrooms, learning suites) building your own ecosystem can seem like a daunting challenge. Join us for this free Learning Pool webinar featuring Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst, Fosway Group as she sets out to clarify and demystify the current digital learning and learning system marketplace from her unique point of view having worked with many of Europe’s leading enterprises.

In this session, host Jon Brydges, Senior Product Manager at Learning Pool, and Fiona will discuss:

  • The key differences between LMS, LXP, suites and specialists 
  • The trends and challenges of developing solutions that fit the hybrid working model
  • Key success factors for building a learning ecosystem 

If you’re looking to augment your organization’s learning technology stack or replace your learning management system, Jon will present a snapshot of Learning Pool’s Stream Learning Suite functionality and show how you can flexibly build the ecosystem you need, to address the challenges you face today and position your business for the future.


During this interactive product demo, Jon will showcase various Stream Suite features, including:

Integrating ecosystems including completions via xAPI

Masterclasses that deliver hybrid learning

Learning campaign and delivery automation

The Social Intelligence Dashboard (SID)

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Jon Brydges
Senior Product Manager
Jon is Senior Product Manager and is responsible for Stream and Learning Locker product strategy, product enablement, representing the client voice within Learning Pool, and working with Product Experience to ensure fantastic user design across both products.
Fiona Leteney
Senior Analyst at Fosway Group
Fiona Leteney has worked in the learning technology market since 2000, gaining a wealth of experience by either selling, implementing or managing learning solutions in a corporate context.