Stream Authoring by Learning Pool – a huge step forward for gamification

Stream Authoring by Learning Pool gives our customers the ability to create fantastic e-learning and have complete control to design and edit incredible learning experiences for their learners.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we have been working on enhanced gamification features and are proud to say that Stream Authoring is now even better…

We are very pleased to announce at Learning Pool Live the release of the largest collections of features we’ve ever released, taking Stream Authoring and gamification to the next level.

Stream Authoring by Learning Pool – new gamification features

avatar – allows users to select a character at the beginning of the module, play through the content and receive feedback from the avatar.

badges – provide learners with additional information, advice or present them with a puzzle that can only be solved by attaining all of the badges.

fifty shades – as a learner progresses through content the background images change from black and white to full colour.

health gauge – provides users with a health bar that can be increased or depleted, based on answering questions correctly, or not. It works just like a health bar in a video game.

intro/outro – present learners with a video that introduces them to the module and sets the scene for what’s ahead. Upon completion of a module, learners can be presented with an outro video, based on the learner’s progression.

learning objectives – learning objectives can now be associated with components and used in conjunction with assisted learning and badges.

assisted learning – upon completion of an assessment learners can be guided back through the content associated with failed learning objectives/questions. Learners are then given the ability to re-attempt the assessment questions they failed.

mentor – present learners with hints, tips and additional information. Delivered by a character who appears in the form of a mentor or adviser who can also give feedback on questions.

mission menu – a folder inspired menu that displays menu items as navigation tabs at the root level of each course.

schedule menu – menu items appear as items on a calendar app, via a virtual phone screen.

yes/no – a new component where the learner categorises images into one of two options, within a certain time limit.

Compliance Learning

Well designed game mechanics lead to better learning outcomes. All of which can be found in our new Compliance Learning.

Innovative gamification is combined with compelling storytelling and content that is driven by outcomes to create compliance training that is fun and like you’ve never seen before.

Compliance Learning takes in all of these new Stream Authoring improvements and is a great way to get these features in the hands of users, straight away.

e-learning freedom

Stream Authoring gives you the freedom to create the e-learning you need, with the content you want and with the learner experience you depend on. Bringing the power of e-learning to your fingertips, and it just got better.

If you are at Learning Pool Live today, speak with our team in the demo area and get hands on with these wonderful improvements.

If you’re not at our event today, but want to experience a demo, just fill in the form below.


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