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Save time and money by optimizing compliance training for each learner

For compliance training to have an impact, companies must offer their people learning experiences that go beyond box-checking to true behavior change. Learning Pool delivers compliance training courses that guarantees topic mastery in as little time as possible through the use of intelligent data. By adapting learning to respond to individual actions, we create extraordinary outcomes for individuals and companies alike.

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Predictive insights

Reduce seat times by knowing exactly which parts of your organization need to focus on skill building – and in which risk areas.


Intuitive analytics

Actionable data visualizations go beyond usage metrics or violation counts to drive a strategic discussion on how gaps are being proactively addressed.

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Targeted remediation

Proactively alert managers to likely issues and struggling learners.

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Get ahead of the curve

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. By capturing rich behavioral insight across your entire compliance training program, our compliance solution helps you target and address your risks, report on training ROI, and shape the future of your program.

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Build a culture of responsibility

Employees want to do the right thing. Help them to be their most ethical and compliant selves with compliance training which creates and sustains risk-topic-mastery in every employee…and helps compliance teams create organizational value.

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Reduce seat time

Not all learners are starting from the same place of knowledge and understanding. By delivering learning in a personalized and purposeful way, our compliance training solutions optimizes time spent on learning for each individual.

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Align to internal standards

Our compliance training solution comes with an authoring tool that allows you to edit your courses as much, or as little, as you want. Make the courses exactly what your unique organization needs to be successful.

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