Improve performance and your bottom line

Our learning platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and more, improving outcomes while saving you time and money. It shortens time to proficiency, facilitates better retention, and generates deeper insight by automatically collecting countless data points and processing them in a way that makes it easy to take informed action in real-time.

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Intelligent data in practice

Smart Campaigns

Optimize learning by automating communications workflows like sending reminders, thank yous, and escalations.

Automated enrollment

Save time by setting up triggers based on your chosen criteria that make content recommendations based on individual learner needs.

Predictive insights

Optimize time to competence by forecasting future outcomes. Customize the time period for the prediction and easily visualize the projected path.

Smart reporting

Gain actionable insight powered by machine learning that identifies anomalies and trends, then pinpoints their most likely causes.

Inventory your skills

Save time with a full skills-ontology that uses AI skills-extraction capabilities to automatically create a bank of skills from your job descriptions or other documentation.

Smart planning

Plan effectively by identifying the skills gaps at all levels of your organization through the application of internal profiles and external market data updated weekly.

Skills development

Empower learners by utilizing AI, natural language processing and a broad human-built ontology that allows them to build and maintain an individual skills profile.

Smart assignments

Invest in relevant and timely learning with team and organization-level analysis of your gaps relative to current and future needs.

Smart choices

Engage learners by focusing on content that fits their needs through the application of a gap analysis that filters specific content for discovery.

Be extraordinary

A personalized learning platform producing extraordinary outcomes

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