Learning Pool Labs

 Explore the future of learning

Learning Pool Labs is an evidence-based research and ideas hub that creates learning innovations aimed at maximizing the potential of people and their organizations. Built on design thinking and lean UX principles, Learning Pool Labs always starts with the challenges facing our customers in their working lives.

What we do

Uncover practical solutions

By talking to our customers we establish the outcomes they are looking to achieve and design disruptive solutions to help achieve them.

Learn by doing

By generating numerous ideas and quickly spinning up testable prototypes, we can check our hypotheses, allowing us to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Embrace our failures

By cutting our losses on the wrong solutions, we allow more time and space for the ones that will positively impact companies and their people.

Recent projects

Immersive soft skills

We created a virtual reality soft skills prototype focused on a “how not to do onboarding” scenario to assess the appetite of our customer base to start exploring immersive technologies in learning.

Voice command audio scenarios

This project explores audio-only scenarios that allow learners to interact by voice command only. The demo involved converting a practice exercise from a Learning Pool Libraries’ adaptability course into an Alexa Skill. The learner then answers a series of scenario-based questions spoken by Alexa with voice commands.

Natural Interaction Language Engine (NILE)

NILE utilizes speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies to enable several features of our Learning Platform, including the ability to add comments and reflections using your voice and the ability to listen to text based content.

What we’re currently exploring

Scenario-based learning

We’re exploring the use of Generative AI to help learners practice their communication skills in real life scenarios and receive detailed feedback on how they did.

Skills pathways

We’re looking at how we can use AI to generate bespoke learning pathways that include auto-generated content, assessment, coaching, nudges, and more.

Translation services

We are researching the efficacy of various AI translation Models to streamline translation projects.

Get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved in the work we’re doing in Labs, we’d love to talk to you. 


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