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Learning Pool Labs is an evidence-based research and ideas hub that creates learning innovations aimed at maximizing the potential of people and their organizations. Built on design thinking and lean UX principles, Learning Pool Labs always starts with the challenges facing our customers in their working lives.

What we do

Uncover practical solutions

By talking to our customers we establish the outcomes they are looking to achieve and design disruptive solutions to help achieve them.

Learn by doing

By generating numerous ideas and quickly spinning up testable prototypes, we can check our hypotheses, allowing us to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Embrace our failures

By cutting our losses on the wrong solutions, we allow more time and space for the ones that will positively impact companies and their people.

Recent projects

Scenario-based learning

We harnessed the power of Generative AI to help learners practice their communication skills in real-life, challenging scenarios and receive detailed and personalized feedback on how they did. This project was so successful that it has now been developed into a completely new offering from Learning Pool known as AI Conversations.

Translation services

We researched the efficacy of various AI translation Models to streamline translation projects. Various services give excellent results and, while we still strongly recommend human review and edit, they can be huge timesavers when you need content in multiple languages.

Learning in the workflow

We explored how we could build the principles behind “Resources not Courses” into our products in order to surface helpful information on demand. This helps learners overcome real-life situational challenges in the flow of work.

What we’re currently exploring

Skills Coach

We’re researching whether a Generative AI-driven personal tutor/coach can help learners build their skills through conversation and a variety of learning experiences, including real-life challenges and practice. This technology could also create new tailored content and assessments on the fly, nudge learners, and check skills level progress.

Skills Pathfinder

We’re researching how future skills can be identified for individual roles in a systematic, AI-driven way using various data points. Knowing how the roles in their organizations will evolve will help organizations plan for the future.

Gaining and evidencing mastery

We’re exploring whether we can use AI not only to help assess mastery but even to help learners gain it in areas like compliance, technical skills, or soft skills.

Get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved in the work we’re doing in Labs, we’d love to talk to you. 


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