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Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) Announce 2019 Learning Locker® Open Source Awards Winners

[Oxford, UK] Following presentations from all shortlisted organizations, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) are pleased to announce the winning entries from the first annual Learning Locker® Open Source Awards. 

With a global cohort of organizations presenting their Learning Locker® innovations to judges, extensive deliberations have now taken place to recognize the strongest contenders across a variety of categories.

Highlighting innovation and creativity amongst users of both Open Source and Enterprise editions of the Learning Locker® LRS, the first year of the Awards proved popular with learning analytics enthusiasts from a diverse range of industries and disciplines.

2019 Winners

Best Use of Learning Locker® for Education

Winner: Guroo Producer

Best Use of Learning Locker® in Support of Another Product 

Winner: CDSM

Best Use of Learning Locker® to Enable a Next-Generation Learning System

Winner: Obvious Choice

Best Proof of Concept 

Winner: Dig-It!

Community Award for Contributions to Learning Locker® Open Source 

Winner: Dennis Hall / Learning Templates

Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) would like to extend thanks to all those who registered and entered their projects into the 2019 Awards. Keep an eye out for a more detailed look at this year’s winners…

About the Learning Locker® Open Source Awards 

For the first time at Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs), success stories within the global Learning Locker® Community are being celebrated with a dedicated awards initiative.

After many years of collaboration from organizations and vendors around the world, the awards have highlighted innovation and creativity alongside successful implementations of both Open Source and Enterprise editions of the Learning Locker® LRS.

The awards are now closed for 2019, but will be returning next year.

About Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)

Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) are pioneers in workplace digital learning. Our innovations in software are used by global organizations to develop exceptional talent with remarkable efficiency.

Stream LXP* (formerly Curatr) is our flagship Learning Experience Platform. Stream LXP* (formerly Curatr) gives organizations a single place to curate quality learning activities across the full spectrum of available resources. Designed to deliver personalized self-improvement seamlessly, Stream LXP* (formerly Curatr) works to identify and develop those skills that are both urgent and advantageous for an individual’s career, as well as the organization as a whole.

Learning Locker® is the market-leading Learning Record Store (LRS) which allows organizations to take control of their learning data. By aggregating data from many sources into a single source of record, Learning Locker® enables business-wide analytics and learning automation to be executed with ease.

We are proud to partner with the world’s leading learning companies, including BP, GE, HSBC, IHG and KPMG. Our commitment to innovation coupled with customer success has been showcase by receipt of major awards throughout the world, including ‘Gold’ for ‘Best Advance in Social Learning Platform’ at the Brandon Hall Awards 2018, for Stream LXP* (formerly Curatr). *Stream is now a part of the Learning Pool platform

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