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Categories announced for the Learning Pool Awards 2022

The Learning Pool Awards are back for 2022! We love recognizing our customers’ impressive achievements, and there is no greater recognition of your hard work and commitment than winning one of our awards.

There are 4 categories to choose from in this year’s Learning Pool Awards, covering all aspects of Learning Pool solutions, as well as rewarding teams and individuals for their outstanding work.

It’s easy to enter. Just choose your categories (you can enter as many as you like), register your entries here, then select your own format and email your entry to [email protected] by Friday 9 September 2022.

Learning Pool Awards Categories

Most Innovative Use of Learning Technologies 

We’re looking for an organization that can demonstrate that they have used learning technologies to make a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of learning, one that indicates the future shape of L&D in their organization.

Learning technologies mean all types of Learning Pool tech and could include custom content projects.

We’ll be looking for evidence that:

  • Your project has made an impact in terms of individual and organizational performance
  • You have made appropriate, and innovative, use of new technology from your Learning Pool service
  • There is evidence of a successful implementation strategy, including alignment with organizational goals, engagement with key stakeholders, marketing, support and evaluation
  • There is evidence of an outcome that’s better than the traditional approach
  • Steps were taken to engage learners with the subject 

Rising Star award

One of our favorite awards, our Rising Star recognizes someone starting out in their career or new to learning and development.

The winner will have brought energy and commitment to using learning technology, to drive change and improvement in their organization.

Best Learning Project

This award will recognize excellence across the board, in terms of content, use of technology, and organizational needs. In particular, judges will be looking for learning outcomes in a project that has used technology or content to deliver impactful and memorable learning

We will be looking for evidence :

  • The project has led to a lasting, measurable and positive effect, using effective learning design and measurement of impact and/or data to support this
  • The need for a new digital program was effectively-identified, defined and agreed upon with leaders and stakeholders, with clear learning outcomes
  • There was a successful implementation strategy, including alignment with organizational goals.
  • Learners have been supported effectively throughout the project
  • The project has made an impact in terms of business continuity and both individual and organizational performance.

Extraordinary Impact Award

New for this year, the Extraordinary Impact Award will focus on the customer who has achieved great impact on their journey to extraordinary. We’re looking for a significant return on investment (ROI) and/or an impressive impact your work with Learning Pool has made on your organization or the outside world.

You should include a brief description of the program, including the key challenges, and the approaches adopted.

We will be looking for evidence of :

  • a learning evaluation strategy, which measured the positive impact on your learning or business goals
  • improvement in before and after metrics that can be correlated directly to the learning
  • any meaningful data which was used to support a refinement or improvement to your project
  • a positive change that your organization/project/initiative is making, including a description of who has benefited
  • any evidence or testimonials to support your application. Other examples of evidencing impact could include; a description of the project time spent on evaluation, data sources, milestones, and any lessons learned.

Submissions should be roughly 1,000 words and we’ll announce the nominees on Tuesday 20 September 2022. Please send your Learning Pool Awards submissions directly to [email protected] before Friday 9 September 2022 to be in with a chance of winning. Remember, you can enter more than one category.

Additional Media

Any or all of the following may accompany submissions:

  • A short video file or files or a link to a video sharing site (maximum cumulative length of the video(s) should be no more than 5 minutes),
  • Links to additional material, such as a demo of the program or product
  • Slides or static screen displays

Download the Award Criteria and Guidance document 

An independent committee will judge the entries for the 2022 Learning Pool Awards. Winners will be announced at Learning Pool Live on Thursday 13th of October.

Good luck!

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