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Building a Responsive Elearning Course with Learning Pool Authoring

Learning Pool Authoring provides an innovative, future proofed and low cost to this growing challenge of providing responsive e-learning and it’s creating quite a stir in the marketplace.

Users can start an e-learning course on their work computer, finish on their smartphone and refresh on their tablet. Although this technology is really new, we’ve already used it to support thousands of learners at places like Jurys Inn, Northumberland County Council and the Houses of Parliament.

In the first of a series of three online Authoring Learning Masterclasses, we guide you through what you need to start building your course with Learning Pool Authoring.

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Learning Pool Authoring allows you to create, update and amend content that’s been built in Adapt. Instructional Designer Arlene Mooney takes you through how to build the content:

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As a founding partner in the Learning Pool Authoring collaboration project, we’re the first to have made a dynamic catalogue of content available to our customers putting them right in the responsive learning hotseat. Check out what interactive components are available when it comes to building a responsive e-learning course:

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