Learning Pool collaborated with one of the world’s largest organizations for over two years to enhance their training programs using Learning Pool’s Learning Record Store (LRS).



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A global Fortune 100 Logistics & Tech company joined forces with Learning Pool to revolutionize employee training by attaining remarkable training results including a 16% decline in new hire injuries, $252K savings, and over 1600 hours in decreased seat time for its team members.


16% decline in new hire injuries


$252k saved


1600 hours saved in seat time

Learning Pool collaborated with one of the world’s largest organizations for over two years to enhance their compliance training programs using Learning Pool’s Learning Record Store (LRS). This global Fortune 100 logistics and tech company faced challenges in determining the effectiveness of its training programs, such as identifying whether the content was relevant to users, if language barriers were impacting their diverse workforce, or if the safety training was preventing workplace injuries. Using Learning Pool’s LRS, the client is making significant progress towards reducing injury incident rates, improving learner engagement, achieving continuous improvement, maintaining ambassador consistency, and increasing NPS scores.

Learning Pool’s client utilized the LRS to address these challenges to gain additional insights, metrics, and actionable data. The team kept its users in a familiar environment by launching courses from an Android tablet on an in-house application. The course was developed with specific xAPI statements to gather the necessary information for the client to make smart training decisions.

Upon course completion, the data is sent to Learning Pool’s LRS, and then via Learning Pool’s Data Connector service, the data is formatted and sent over to a BI tool to create appropriate dashboards. The insights and data provided by Learning Pool’s LRS have been eye-opening for the organization. They can now develop courses with a fresh perspective and limitless imagination to cut costs, improve safety, and make better decisions.

Learning Pool’s client could tell from the data provided through the LRS that in certain parts of their courses, learners were getting stuck or spending too much time on a particular section. With this detailed data level, the client’s instructional designers adjusted the course to improve the user experience and content. This resulted in a reduction of 20% in seat time for their 50,000 team members, accumulating over $252,000 in savings.


20% reduction in learner seat time


50,000 team members

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$252,000 in cost savings

Also, by developing elearning with targeted xAPI statements and beginning with the end in mind of what metrics they wanted to achieve, the client saw an overall 16% reduction in new hire injuries.

Learning Pool’s partnership with its client has yielded remarkable results: seamless integration of existing infrastructure investment, significant cost savings, and injury reductions. By leveraging Learning Pool’s LRS, the client achieved a seamless end-user experience while quickly improving courses and calculating cost savings and efficiencies. Thanks to Learning Pool’s tools and insights, the client is now empowered to swiftly assess the impact of their training, resulting in significant business advantages, cost reductions, and a more secure work environment.