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Onboarding and training a global workforce with Stream LMS


Compass Group plc is a British multinational contract food and support services company headquartered in the UK.

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Compass Group plc is a British multinational contract food and support services company headquartered in the UK. It is the largest contract foodservice company globally, employing over 500,000 people across 44 countries. 

Reviewing their LMS provider in 2019, Compass Group’s L&D team decided they wanted a business model that allowed them to have all the elements of their existing Totara LMS platform – wrap-around tools and services, and future updates and innovations – all for one fixed price. This would allow them to innovate and grow with the system continuously. 


Known for its lower total cost of ownership, Learning Pool’s Stream LMS was chosen by Compass Group as the new platform for its global online L&D offering. Branded internally as ‘The Learning Portal’, the LMS is used alongside Stream’s content authoring tool to allow the L&D team to create new content and tailor off-the-shelf collections. 

Additionally, Compass Group selected a number of Learning Pool’s off-the-shelf collections from Stream Content Library, including Foundation Skills and lessons on safeguarding and the plastics campaign, which was tailored to form the Net Zero campaign. Compass Group’s in-house L&D team is well experienced with the LMS platform, content authoring tool and the Adobe Suite and can therefore create bespoke content for Compass Group’s vast needs. 

With up to 500,000 members of staff at any one time, the Learning Portal receives around 15-20,000 unique visits a month. The system integrates with all the relevant HR software to ensure that the staff and learning records are constantly kept up to date. This amounts to a substantial overnight feed into the LMS of around 3 million lines of data. Stream Data Cloud, powered by Learning Locker, holds all the relevant learning data and acts as an intermediary between the LMS and their reports and dashboards within Power BI. 

The Response

Our relationship with Learning Pool works very well for us as our agreement allows us to have all the functionality and innovation as standard to continue to grow and develop the system. In addition, our capable in-house team has formed a trusted relationship with Learning Pool’s developers so we can get direct access to them for larger development projects rather than raising tickets for small changes. We are in our infancy with Learning Locker and the Stream Automation tool, but this will be a game-changer for us in terms of how we communicate with our employees, so we are looking forward to seeing what that can bring.

Peter Brooks
Head of Learning & Development


Having access to Stream LMS has and continues to deliver huge benefits to Compass Group when training and onboarding its substantial global workforce. Employee retention has been a challenge for the hospitality industry since the start of the pandemic. Pre-COVID, Compass Group’s attrition rate was less than 20%; post-COVID it is now over 30%. The company is confident the use of Learning Pool’s Stream Automation and Data Cloud tools will enable them to combat this, introducing them to the onboarding process of new starters to see how new employees are getting on and to intervene when people are struggling.

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