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Quizmas presents: Cracking questions and unwrapping analysis

‘Tis the season for effective questioning

In this Open Learning Experience (OLX), we will take a festive look at how to write powerful elearning questions and what you can learn by analyzing the answers.

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09 – 23 December 2019

Knowledge checks, assessments and scenarios have all long been used to create active elearning solutions. In the worst cases, questions are simply used as end-of-course assessments. In better cases, questions are used to create learning experiences that feel like true challenges with real learning value.

In the modern learning technology environment, there are even further ways that we can get value from questions. Aggregating learning data is more feasible than ever with the advent of xAPI and Learning Record Stores (LRS), and questions in learning can collect learner input at the same time as helping them learn.

The potential of questions in elearning is just waiting to be unwrapped. Join us in this OLX for a bit of learning and a bit of fun before the holiday season begins.

Course structure

Week 1: We’ll look at question writing, types of questions and how to avoid some classic pitfalls.

Week 2: Take the North Pole’s Elf-Onboarding test for a chance to win an Amazon Fire 7 and see if you’ve got what it takes to work for the world’s most famous toy-makers. Once the results are in we’ll see what the data can teach us about the workforce.

About Learning Pool’s OLXs

This latest OLX is for any learning professionals interested in improving how they meet their learning needs. Whether you’re an L&D director or course designer, this experience will offer you practical advice that you can start using right away.

Learning Pool OLXs typically attract 500+ enrolments from around the world and are a great opportunity for individuals to interact with experts and peers from the industry, sharing knowledge, best practice, case studies and ideas.

No specific experience is required. Those with no background in online learning at all may just need to do a bit of background study to help along the way.

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