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How to engage your learners on launch

Getting the time and attention of your learners from initial launch is a crucial ingredient to creating sustained and enduring learning.

The first webinar in the Learning Pool authoring series focused on the new gamification features that are available at beginning of the module to help engage learners.

So, what’s new with Learning Pool authoring?

There are three specific elements :

  • Intro/Outro extension
  • Avatar extension
  • Schedule Menu

All three of these features are designed to appear to a user on initial launch of the module and allow you to add additional layers to your content.

Setting the scene with the Intro/Outro extension

The Intro/Outro extension allows you to present your learners with an upfront video that they must view before progressing through the course.

In the world of gamification this intro can be invaluable as it allows you to set the scene and explain the mission of the module to your learners.

It serves to welcome them in to the world that you have created and draw them into the story right away.

Plus, it allows for the addition of an outro video that users will see upon completing the course or by achieving learning objectives.

Avatar: an icon or figure representing a user

It was with this central idea that the Avatar extension was created. It lets users select a character to represent them throughout a module.

The Avatar is intended to be the digital representation of the user throughout the module and can be used to provide information as they progress through a course or even give them feedback on questions.

By giving users a character, it allows you to present information to the user in a more relaxed and personal way.

Interactivity with the schedule menu

The Schedule Menu is one of our latest menus and has been designed to present the learner with a screen that looks like a calendar on a mobile phone.

The aim of the menu is to present the pages as tasks to be completed on the calendar. As an interactive menu allows you to present the pages in your module in a unique way. You can view the webinar presentation here.

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