Experience Matters: A Crash Course in Learning Experience Design

A short, intensive introduction to Learning Experience Design and best practice.

This course will explore how you can create engaging, meaningful and data-driven learning experiences by combining personalisation, gamification, learning analytics and social learning. 

Part 1: Social Learning: What’s New?

Part 2: Personalised Learning: What’s New?

Part 3: Learning From Your Learning Data

Part 4: What Does All This Look Like in Practice?

Exploring a range of subjects, from personalisation, semantic analysis and AI, to data analytics to social learning, each part will work through specific examples in a range of sectors, using curated resources.

This course is suitable for anyone working in L&D or higher or further education. No specific technical or training experience will be required, but those with no background in online learning at all may need to do a bit more background study (which we’ll help with along the way).

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