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Learning Locker® Award for Learning Pool

Learning Pool has won the prestigious 2019 HT2 Labs Award for the Best Use of Learning Locker® to Support Performance in the Workplace.

The Learning Locker® awards recognise innovation and creativity amongst users of the Learning Locker® Learning Record Store (LRS).

The win is attributed to Learning Pool’s innovative use of Learning Locker® ‘s LRS in the Learning Pool platform and the capabilities of xAPI to train and certify all Wembley event staff in safeguarding for the English Football Association (EFA).Dr Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 Labs said: “ This award is well deserved and recognises Learning Pool’s commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions to deliver real results to businesses and organisations.  Learning Pool’s partnering with Learning Locker® is designed to enhance performance in the workflow and meet real business needs.”Learning Pool can now update the EFA’s ATOS system that issues security badges, record unique generated certificate codes and store the PDF certificates within the LRS.

The enhanced performance support delivered by Learning Pool through the platform enables an estimated 7,000 users to self-register in the training and certification system.  Users can now easily prove their training is up to date and this significantly reduces the EFA’s administrative overhead.  

The solution also improves the capability of the EFA Learning Design Team which can employ the Learning Pool platform to analyse data captured by Learning Locker® to pinpoint gaps and improve training.  Catherine Brogan, technical product manager of Learning Pool said: “We’re delighted with this award and it’s a testament to the exciting work we’ve done with HT2 and the FA, supporting the challenge of accessible training for the EFA’s  event staff”The Best Use of Learning Locker® to Support Performance in the Workplace award marks yet another success for Learning Pool.  The company recently retained its two-star accreditation for Outstanding Employee Engagement in the Sunday Times Best Companies 2019 and won two Golds at the 2018 Learning Technologies Awards for Company of the Year and Learning Platform Implementation of the Year.

About HT2 Labs

HT2 Labs are pioneers in workplace digital learning. Their innovations in software are used by global organisations to develop exceptional talent with remarkable efficiency.

HT2 Labs Learning Locker® is the market-leading Learning Record Store (LRS) which allows organisations to take control of their learning data. By aggregating data from many sources into a single source of record, Learning Locker® enables business-wide analytics and learning automation to be executed with ease.

HT2 Labs are proud to partner with the world’s leading learning companies, including BP, GE, HSBC, IHG and KPMG. Their commitment to innovation coupled with customer success has been showcased by receipt of major awards throughout the world, including ‘Gold’ for ‘Best Advance in Social Learning Platform’ at the Brandon Hall Awards 2018, for Curatr LXP.


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