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Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) To Deliver Two Conference Sessions At 2018’s Learning Solutions Conference

Oxford, UK: Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) are preparing to send two of their finest analytical minds to Learning Solutions Expo & Conference in sunny Orlando, Florida; to share their thoughts and experiences on how data can be harnessed to enhance L&D initiatives across a business.

Revamped for 2018, this year’s Learning Solutions Conference features an expanded program covering new areas such as International Perspectives, Instructional Design, Industry Insights and the Executive Forum; the latter aimed at helping senior managers and organisations get ahead of the curve with the latest L&D methods and technologies.

Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)’ Customer Success Manager Craig Taylor and in-house Data Scientist Janet Laane Effron will be joining an array of industry professionals to share their wisdom and insights, in an event that promises to be a key date on the industry calendar.

Using Data to Predict Workplace Success

Craig Taylor

Craig will be sharing a rarely used but incredibly intuitive way of measuring success in the workplace whilst avoiding the dreaded ‘tick-box’ happy sheets!

In this session, you will discover how Craig identified the correlation (if indeed, there was one) that existed between behaviour during an online development programme and how they applied their learning back in their real workplace.

This session is all about making the vital connection between learning and application, and the specific research in question remains a pertinent example of the process that Craig will be giving insights on.

And what exactly is this process, I hear you ask?

The process involves a number of steps including (but not limited to); applying the Brinkerhoff Success Case Study method in your own context, harnessing xAPI to provide invaluable insight in audience behaviour, and bridging the gap between input (learning) and output (performance).

Craig will be speaking at Session SMM102 on Tuesday 27th March at 11am

Putting Data to Work: Insights for Business and L&D

Janet Laane Effron

xAPI has given L&D professionals an ever growing pool of data. However, if this data is to provide more value than the data-sets given by traditional LMS set-ups – you may need to rethink which measures and analyses you want to employ.

This session will look at real-world applications of data (from xAPI and other sources) as a means to explore a variety of L&D and business-related questions in areas including performance impacts and design insights. You will learn more about the limitations of decoupling learning data from other business metrics, and how to create a stronger analysis by leveraging qualitative as well as quantitative data.

Janet will also be covering how to ask the right questions of your data, and why learning data on it’s own simply isn’t enough. Additionally, you’ll also be looking at instructional design feedback loops and incorporating a variety of data formats to build business insights.

Janet will be speaking at Session SMM107 on Tuesday 27th March at 4pm

If you’re heading to the conference and want to hear more about our latest research findings and product development plans (or simply fancy a catch-up); please arrange a meeting with Craig or Janet.

About Learning Solutions Conference

Curated by the eLearning Guild, Learning Solutions Conference & Expo provides real solutions to the learning and development challenges you encounter today. They have expanded their program for 2018 to deepen your understanding of learning technologies across the globe.

Attendees can look forward to connecting with peers, developing practical skills, and gaining knowledge that will provide new energy and ideas capable of advancing careers.

About Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)

We are a team of digital learning pioneers, working with ambitious businesses to develop exceptional talent among their workforce. By redefining what is possible for digital learning opportunities in the workplace, we have created award-winning, next-generation learning software:

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