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Learning Pool named in prestigious ‘Top Microlearning Providers’ list 2019

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve secured a spot in the ‘Top 20 Microlearning Providers’ developed by Christopher Pappas and eLearning Industry, gaining recognition for providing microlearning excellence to our customers.

We’re sixth on the list for our microlearning quality and use of modern technology, continually improving accessibility for learners by embedding knowledge directly into the workflow.  The launch of our LXP, Stream*, and new Contact Centre microlearning catalogue provide immersive, just in time knowledge, created to fit into modern business perfectly.  We’ve been particularly commended for our commitment to learning efficacy, providing leading-edge microlearning services that are both memorable and effective.“Learning Pool has a deep understanding of learning and development and how microlearning can be used to meet and exceed the expectations of a global audience. We combed through more than a hundred companies, all over the world, looking for top-notch eLearning firms that implement pioneer microlearning strategies, provide their learners with memorable content, and significantly increase their customers’ ROI. “
*Stream is now a part of the Learning Pool platform

Founder of eLearning Industry, Christopher Pappas boast industry acclaim for our services; securing the top spot at the most recent Learning Technology Awards, winning Gold for ‘Company of the Year’, and in each of the last three years for case studies with our clients, AG Barr, Boots UK and Schlumberger.

“Our continued success is that we make sure our customers’ needs are at the centre of every project and we ensure learning effectiveness above all else. We provide clients with the latest advances in learning design to deliver measurable business improvement, inspire learners and provide a healthy return on investment.
We’re thrilled with this endorsement and delighted for the recognition of our dedicated team of learning designers who work hard to continually delight our clients.”

Learning Pool’s Learning Design Manager, Jack Quantrill

Every year eLearning Industry evaluates hundreds of e-learning content development companies to determine which ones stand out for their long-standing, enterprise-wide commitment to e-learning content development superiority. This year they have decided to delve into top-notch providers of microlearning in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. During the evaluation process, they focused on expertise, authority, application of integrated authoring tools, agility, interactivity, gamification options, and many more subcategories. According to eLearning Industry, the 20 companies that made it to the list have a sound and purpose-driven roadmap when it comes to the content they provide – companies which have put great care and expertise into their ongoing development and are able to facilitate superb microlearning experiences.

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