Learning Trends for 2022: Hybrid Learning

02 February 2022 by Jack Quantrill

Intelligence-led learning and the commercialization of the learning function were the first two trends outlined by David Perring, Fosway Group as being “ones to watch” for 2022. From data-driven insights to automated nudges for learning, we think we’ve got the first two covered. But what about digital learning fatigue and a need to create a more sympathetic approach to learning post-pandemic. This is where hybrid learning comes in…

Since the pandemic began, more and more organizations have leaned on digital learning when face-to-face alternatives seized to be an option. David explains this switch has not only resulted in a boom for self-paced elearning but virtual classrooms too. And as good as those things are in what they do – if we do say so ourselves – what is often missing is the human connection to motivate, activate and sustain learning. With an overreliance on knowledge downloads in virtual classrooms and learning approaches that can feel isolating, it’s no surprise that digital learning fatigue is growing amongst corporate learners and a need for a hybrid learning approach has been established. 

More than half of Fosway’s Digital Learning Realities 2021 survey respondents said digital learning fatigue was a growing problem in their organization. Some might think that switching from e-course to e-resources might be the way to solve the problem but David believes that ignores the underlying problem of how we harness the energy of others to power learning. More humane learning design and learning journeys are needed. That means using a variety of approaches including flipped classrooms, action learning sets, peer-to-peer and expert-led coaching, practice and rehearsal. 

Experienced in producing learning that is engaging and dynamic, rich in design and immersive qualities, the Learning Experience team and I have always been dedicated to creating learning that combats digital learning fatigue. Not to mention, our LMS and Stream Learning Suite both have built-in social learning functionality to ensure knowledge sharing, collaboration and conversation are capable regardless of whether a learner is in the same room as their peers.

But we’re aware that the pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. Learning and working in a remote world can be challenging, more so for some than others. More and more organizations are adopting a hybrid approach to working so it’s no wonder L&D teams are considering the same for learning. That’s why we created Masterclasses – highly social learning pathways that take learners on a journey through a variety of experiences. Offering more than simply content consumption, these allow learners to engage with their peers, improve their critical thinking skills and encourage them to apply what they are learning in the context of their role. Creating a peer-to-peer learning environment, we’ve found these experiences keep learners motivated. Social learning and gamification extend the reach and power of learning, recognizing that much of what we learn is through the observation of others’ behavior and informal interactions with our peers. 


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Jack Quantrill
Director of Learning Experience

Jack has been developing online learning for over a decade. In that time, he has created and advised on learning for organisations as diverse as Barclays, The Ministry of Defence, Vodafone, DHL, Ofcom, RBS and E.ON.

Having also led learning initiatives for The FA and Boots as an internal L&D professional, Jack always focuses on the wider context of learning experiences.

Considering organisation culture, motivational factors, delivery platforms and success measures, he works to ensure that what looks good on paper makes a positive difference in reality.

Jack is a fair-weather cyclist and all-weather Arsenal fan. If he’s not sulking over the weekend’s result or pedalling off into the sunset, you’ll likely find him with a good book.

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