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Quit wasting your learners’ time.

Adapt’s new features are designed to personalise the learning journey and keep learners on their toes.

Personalising the learner experience

Are you wasting your learners’ time by forcing them through content they already know? Would they thank you for being able to get through their compliance learning quicker and get back to work? Would your business appreciate the productivity gains that come along with that?

If you’ve answered yes to any of this then you’re going to love assisted learning. This great new feature allows learners to complete a knowledge assessment and Adapt personalises the learning experience to focus on the content they need to learn, not the stuff they already know.

Even better, learners get guided revision if they fail the final assessment at the end of the course, personalising the learner’s experience and guiding them back to the content they need to spend more time on.

We think this brand new feature has the potential to save your organisation huge amounts of time and money, with learners only seeing what they need to learn, rather than having to take a full course.

What’s the aim of the game?

Without an aim, games and activities can seem a bit redundant. That’s why it’s important to set objectives for whatever we do, it focuses the mind and helps organise our time and resources.

Another nifty new feature lets you add an objective to each section of your e-learning. Then, when it’s complete, your learner will get an onscreen popup notification to let them know they were successful. Pretty cool, huh?

Rewarding great work

Badges are another cool feature to reward learners for a job well done.

You can also create a series of badges that are linked to specific learning objectives within a module. Meaning, when a learner hits their target, they’re awarded a badge to help recognise their achievement.

What’s more, you can include some extra info behind each badge that the learner can use later in the module. It’s fun, promise! In our recent webinar, we used badges to reveal an anagram that the learner needed to solve at the end of the course.

See for yourself

Adapt Builder by Learning Pool gives you the freedom to create the e-learning you need, with the content you want and with the learner experience you depend on. Bringing the power of e-learning to your fingertips, and it just got better.

From engaging your learners with fun, gamified features to rewarding your learners – we hope you’ve gained some useful knowledge and we’ve inspired you to start building your own e-learning content. 

You can view our latest webinar and the other two in the series here. Why not sign up for a demo of Adapt Builder below and see for yourself how easy it can be to design truly engaging learning.

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