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6 reasons to select a security conscious LMS provider

We completed our annual ISO 27001 audit here and got some great feedback from our auditor since we were first certified 4 years ago. But how can you as a customer benefit from this?

We just completed our annual ISO 27001 audit here at Learning Pool and got some great feedback from our auditor on the processes we’ve embedded since we were first certified 4 years ago.

But how can you as a customer benefit when selecting from a security-conscious Learning Platform or LMS provider?

1. Confidence in a reliable service

Our customers can have confidence in the reliability of our services and enjoy reduced risk of data breaches and disruption.

The internet is a scary place so having a partner who thinks about security across everything they do really helps give our customers the confidence that we’ve got their back.

One very particular way this benefits our customers is in relation to disaster recovery.

Our ISO certification requires that we have a robust business continuity plan and, more importantly we test that it works on a regular basis! That means we can have confidence that our disaster recovery solution is available off site and accessible if we ever need it.

2. Procurement made easier for everyone

Procurement is easier, both for us and our customers.

Procurement and IT teams will rightly ask questions when procuring a partner involving technology and having standards based controls that are independently audited answers all these questions without a fuss so we can all move on with the project at hand.

This is especially important as more and more customers carry out deep integrations with corporate systems.

No organisation should allow an unqualified company interface with their technology so having the ISO 27001 seal of approval gives organisations the confidence they need that they can work closely with us.

3. Up to date software & technology

Our security focus means we must always have up to date versions of software and use up to date technology to deliver your service.

Our focus on information security means we must keep a close eye when software runs out of warranty or is replaced by something better.

That means reduced risk as well as a better user experience for all concerned.

We see our job as maintaining this on a day to day basis for customers.

4. Highly secure solutions

Security is part of the workflow at Learning Pool and we think that’s important, even if it means we have to say no every now and again! We sometimes see companies who bolt on security considerations at the end but our team considers this as part of everything we do.

We’ll never claim to have this 100% nailed but our workflow is focused on making sure that solutions are highly secure.

That means we challenge our supply chain to take security seriously so your Learning Pool service is fully accredited from start to finish.

5. Resilient solutions that are built to scale

An interesting byproduct of having high levels of security is that you also get solutions that are highly resilient and built to scale.

This matters a great deal to customers with large workforces and especially those who have a focus on compliance training.

This type of user can have high volumes of usage at peaks times and the last thing you want is for your LMS to not be available on the last day of the month. At Learning Pool our web infrastructure is highly scalable and secure for this reason.

6. Greater buy-in from your team

Our experience tells us that being able to tick the boxes from a security point of view helps our customers get greater buy-in from IT departments keen to protect the customer and their reputation by de-risking every decision.

As a result the business at large can enjoy greater integration and that drives return on investment so everyone wins.

Security is our watchword

We’ve learned that its important to take a prudent and robust approach to security as a supplier and that our customers see the benefit.  For more information take a look at the Learning Pool Learning Platform.

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