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In the fast-paced world of contact centers, delivering excellent customer service within the most efficient process is critical

Contact center staff need to get up to speed quickly and stay there. Our CPD-accredited modules are designed to be consumed through microlearning and space practice to ensure staff can fit learning into their daily routine and are nudged to promote retention and recall


By asking Flo, our AI-powered, virtual learning assistant, learners can quickly search, find and launch specific learning content at their point of need to deliver brilliant customer service time and time again



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Keeping pace with change can be difficult which is why Learning Pool are constantly reviewing and updating our catalogues so you don’t have to. And when our catalogues grow and new modules are released, you can access them straight away, for free!

Contact Center Catalogue modules

our content is continually improving and growing to ensure you have the modules you need

In this module, learners start to look at how contact center managers can better coach their teams; including a review of the tools and skills required

The Coronavirus  module presents a learner with background and facts to this new strain of virus, now known as novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have all seen the stories in the media, but do they really tell us what this virus is and how we can protect ourselves and others?

Empathy is the ability to ‘put yourself in another person’s shoes’ – to understand another person’s point of view and reality. Being empathetic means you don’t think only of yourself and can better relate to other people in your working environment

Modern businesses are driven on having the right conversations at the right time; whether that’s a reassuring word of encouragement or a well-timed question. Having tough conversations is never easy but, if they are handled the right way, can often lead to a positive response

Live Chat is another channel of communication for customers and the same service standards apply online as much as they do in face to face interactions. This module introduces best practice methods for using live chat to ensure customers receive the best possible experience

A team can always improve. Helping your team to solve problems helps to drive a culture of accountability and ownership for finding solutions to everyday workplace issues

Rapport building is a critical part of the communication process. A lack of rapport will affect the outcome of any conversation.
If the customer enjoys the call, then the ‘results’ are better. This isn’t about making a new friend with every customer but making the conversation run smoothly; meaning time spent with the customer is more enjoyable and less stressful for staff

This module will explore what is meant by the term resilience and why it is important both personally and as part of a team. It explains the benefits of having resilience and offers tools and techniques to develop resilient behaviors

Working in the fast-moving world of contact centers means that the only constant is change. A lack of proper prioritization creates a stressful environment which drives down productivity and team engagement – develop workplace prioritization skills with this module

This module will cover the importance of following a good end-to-end sales process and offers help and tips to achieve the best delivery and outcomes of a sales call

The thought of talking about racial inequality is often scary and daunting, which can lead to people avoiding the subject, becoming defensive or making assumptions. Following on from part 1 – ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’, this module provides learners with a toolkit to help with starting and carrying out these uncomfortable conversations in your organization.

Part 1 of a series of 2 modules, ‘The Uncomfortable Truth will take you on a journey through some real-life scenarios, as our Black friends and family discuss their experiences with racism and how it makes them feel. You’ll then look at the active steps you and your organization need to take to begin your anti-racist journey.

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