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In the fast-paced world of contact centers, delivering excellent customer service within the most efficient process is critical

Contact center staff need to get up to speed quickly and stay there. Our CPD-accredited modules are designed to be consumed through microlearning and space practice to ensure staff can fit learning into their daily routine and are nudged to promote retention and recall


By asking Flo, our AI-powered, virtual learning assistant, learners can quickly search, find and launch specific learning content at their point of need to deliver brilliant customer service time and time again



Built in Adapt, our leading-edge authoring tool, the content is fully editable. You can add your branding, change the images, edit colors and fonts, reference internal policies, emphasise your messages and make it truly your own


We know that for learning to become knowledge it needs to be engaging so we ensure that all our courses are relevant and focused. With responsive design, our content will also work wherever and whenever you need it; across mobile, tablet and PC


Keeping pace with change can be difficult which is why Learning Pool are constantly reviewing and updating our catalogues so you don’t have to. And when our catalogues grow and new modules are released, you can access them straight away, for free!

Contact Center Catalogue modules

our content is continually improving and growing to ensure you have the modules you need
Coaching for Success
Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Handling Difficult Conversations
Live Chat
Problem Solving
Rapport Building
Team Priority Management
The Sales Process
The Uncomfortable Conversation
The Uncomfortable Truth

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