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Content specifically designed to promote self-directed learning

‘Future skills are needed now—skills that to some extent exist today like agile working and digital interaction, and skills that are
only just emerging…’ McKinsey and Company, 2019

Our Future Skills Library is a blend of new content designed by our award-winning team and a broad and deep range of modules and subjects from across the web, sourced by our curation experts, and updated monthly.

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to, just enable it for your learners and the platform will take care of the rest.

Sourced from thought leaders by experts

Our first step is to identify the thought leaders on a given topic, then each thought leader is explored to see if they produce valuable, freely available content. Our curators then sift through the available resources by hand to highlight the best learning content.

With diversity and learners in mind

We prioritize the creation and selection of content with cognitive diversity to challenge people’s thinking. We also look to achieve a mix of video, audio, infographics and written sources.

Designed to be relevant for all

We have selected a range of topics, based on our research, that we believe are critical future skills for anyone in a professional role today or tomorrow. Suitable for learners at any level of your organization, this is thought-provoking, engaging content, designed to spark curiosity and conversation.

We have created 12 key skill areas

Up to date content is provided in each of the key skill areas to capture the present trends, as tomorrow’s skills become today’s.
Building Relationships
Critical Thinking
Delivering with Others
People Management
Service Orientation
Talent Development

Future Skills is now included as part of the Gold package for our LXP, Stream.

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