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This module helps learners identify the attributes of leadership and shows how these skills can best be used in the modern workplace. We look at established models of leadership and guide the learner in evaluating their own leadership style. Learners discover when team members are engaged and learn best practice in motivation, delegation, mentoring and empowerment

The Coronavirus module presents a learner with background and facts to this new strain of virus, now known as novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We have all seen the stories in the media, but do they really tell us what this virus is and how we can protect ourselves and others?


Build on earlier learning by further examining the key areas in which the successful leader must develop. We look at the practicalities of building and maintaining an effective team, including the areas of performance management, feedback and coaching


This e-learning module examines the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and explains the steps which the learner can take as a leader to improve and develop their professional self. We guide the learner in evaluating their own performance, identifying the most suitable learning style for them and setting both short and long-term goals


We review the traditional sales process from beginning to end with a view to identifying areas for improvement; whether this is internal to an organisation or a personal undertaking by a salesperson to gain an extra edge. This module explains the sales process from initiating contact, to getting past gatekeepers and delivering a polished pitch, through to overcoming objections and closing the sale


This module provides a comprehensive overview of the middle-management role and how it applies to your organisation; focusing on the areas of strategy, communication and personal development. Understanding the Management Role will arm all managers with the tools they need to achieve their goals and objectives


Developing People in the Workplace demonstrates the importance of promoting personal development and the role that managers can play in helping to plan and manage an individual’s professional progression


Discover the skills required to analyse complex problems and plan solutions with an emphasis on creative and rational decision-making. We’ll examine the multifaceted difficulties that can arise in a professional context and provide the means with which to apply decision-making techniques in assessing possible solutions


Managing projects well is key to success in most organisations. This module provides a high level overview of project management practice and provides detailed guidance on each stage of the process; from start-up to post-implementation review. Learners get an insight into factors including managing constraints, setting goals, obtaining buy-in, establishing a team structure and communicating with stakeholders. We also look at taskboarding, the importance of regular reviews, managing risk and administrating a budget


Over the course of 2015/16, an estimated 11.7 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the UK; it’s become the number one cause of long-term absence. As you might expect with such a prevalent issue, many organisations are taking steps to ensure that employees are properly supported and that any negative effect on business operations is kept to a minimum

Efficiency and effectiveness are terms which often find themselves paired together and both are needed for an organisation to successfully achieve its goals and objectives. However, they are two distinct factors in performance and every organisation must strike a balance. Learners will come to understand the big picture in terms of organizational vision and mission, including their own role in contributing to achieving objectives. Delegates will personally analyze how they plan, manage their time, set targets and monitor progress to ensure continuous improvement


Identify the most important factors in achieving high customer satisfaction in the modern marketplace. We showcase practical techniques that any employee can utilize and use real-world case studies to illustrate how high standards of customer service help businesses to grow. We look at the areas of environmental scanning, customer retention and assessing client satisfaction and provide useful tips that learners can apply in their everyday job


We outline the importance of mental toughness in the modern workplace and explain how, by employing various strategies and techniques, the learner can improve their personal resilience. We also demonstrate how to recognise stress among team members and look at steps to foster a less tense working environment. A multiple choice knowledge check is included to reinforce learning and test recall

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Understanding the Importance of Marketing guides the learner through the increasingly crucial role that marketing plays in modern business. We look at how marketing has evolved to include the phenomena of social media and provide up to date and practical advice on how to devise and execute an effective marketing campaign

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We look at the benefits of financial competence, explain the difference between cash and profit and between financial accounting and management accounting. We also look at the purposes and structure of a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and a cash flow statement and how to use financial statements to discover how a company is performing

This module helps learners to manage a best-practice recruitment process. We demonstrate how human resource planning works in a business environment and show managers how to plan and implement recruitment in line with legal and organizational requirements. Learners will appreciate the importance of HR planning, including the areas of forecasting demand, succession planning, staff retention, reward systems and managing redundancies

In this module, we explain the concept of the macro environment and look at the impact that external factors can have on an organization. Political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental considerations are addressed in turn as we demonstrate the various challenges that affect modern business

This module helps learners develop an improved understanding of how innovation and change are realized within a business environment. We look at some background context to the topic and offer the tools to identify opportunities for innovation

It’s estimated that up to 75% of us experience some degree of anxiety or nervousness when we’re addressing a crowd. This e-learning module has been designed to provide you with the skills needed to deliver a presentation confidently and professionally

Measuring organizational performance has become increasingly important. There are two key reasons for this – 1) increased competition across markets and market sectors has led organisations to focus more keenly on results and 2) demands for accountability can now come from a wide range of stakeholders, such as the general public, the media and shareholders

Part 1 of a series of 2 modules, ‘The Uncomfortable Truth will take you on a journey through some real-life scenarios, as our Black friends and family discuss their experiences with racism and how it makes them feel. You’ll then look at the active steps you and your organization need to take to begin your anti-racist journey.

The thought of talking about racial inequality is often scary and daunting, which can lead to people avoiding the subject, becoming defensive or making assumptions. Following on from part 1 – ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’, this module provides learners with a toolkit to help with starting and carrying out these uncomfortable conversations in your organization.

This module leads learners through the important role of ethics and culture in an organization. We’ll look at how workplace culture and ethics impacts and influences leadership style and organizational structure

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