Suite Dreams

The past, present and future of Learning Systems



The modern learning suite offers a superior experience for learners, a more efficient workflow for administrators, and a better response to the needs of the business than can be achieved with a collection of point solutions. That’s the promise—but too often we have seen a mismatch between vendor offerings and practitioner needs.

As the workplace transforms and perceptions of the employee experience evolve, vendors have largely been responsive to change rather than leading it. As a result, they have occasionally been wrong-footed by important shifts such as, in the early noughties, the move to blended learning

In this paper, we survey the historical development of the learning suite—what were the forces that shaped them in the form we see today?—and propose a reset around workplace learning needs.

With this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The pre-history of e-learning
  • Suites, stacks & ecosystems – the analyst view
  • Learning in the employee lifecycle
  • The learning system in the future



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