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Understanding Not Just Another Elearning Course: Part One

Born out of the need for L&D departments to change the game in online learning, Not Just Another Elearning Course is an interactive and social Open Learning Experience (OLX) devised to help you understand the benefits of taking a different approach to creating your online learning experiences.

The days of creating a traditional elearning module for every new learning requirement are long gone and this course has been designed to help you craft more engaging learning experiences for less.

The course has been divided into three parts and each week we will explore the different steps involved in creating a new learning experience, from implementing existing content and user-generated input and analyzing your requirements to planning the solution and making it happen.

Part One: Key Learning Points

According to Bersin by Deloitte, only 1% of the working week is dedicated to training and development opportunities within the workplace. With this in mind, Not Just Another Elearning Course launched Monday 16th September with part-one, ‘Why and When to Try a New Approach’. These first few levels introduce the concept of the modern learner and what this might mean for approaches to L&D.

This includes the changing demographics of the learners within your organization (as baby boomers retire and millennials fill their places), the increase in the need for on-demand, mobile learning experiences, as well as the transition from Instructional Design (ID) to Learning Experience Design (LXD).

Below you’ll find the key learning points from the first instalment of this OLX, as well as the learning resources used to help aid your understanding.

Key Learning

  • Understanding how modern workers learn
  • Understanding the difference between Instructional Design & Learning Experience Design
  • Understanding how, when and why to create and curate resources

Learning Material

How do Modern Workers Learn?

Transforming from Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design

Repurpose, Curate, Create

Part-two of Not Just Another Elearning Course starts Monday 23rd September. Sign-up to the experience now.



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