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compliance landscape

The compliance landscape of 2024

The rules governing business operations are constantly evolving. In fact, keeping pace with regulatory change emerged as the top concern in the 2023 edition of Compliance Week’s compliance officer survey.

As well as that, the U.S. Department of Justice has revamped its Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance to assess compliance program effectiveness.

Globally, significant regulatory changes in 2023 spanned many areas, including sanctions enforcement, artificial intelligence (AI) regulation, data privacy, combating financial crime and environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. And the compliance landscape of 2024 is just as fast-changing.

Compliance programs are now evaluated not just on how they respond to misconduct but also on their preventative measures. When designed with the end goal in mind, compliance training programs can be a powerful tool to support this proactive approach. Think of compliance training as a strategic lever to mindfully address these risks to our organizations.

Moreover, employees—whether desk-bound, factory workers, or on-site staff—deserve more than a static, one-size-fits-all training program. Today’s training must be adaptable and responsive to employee, organizational, and regulatory needs, allowing compliance teams to quickly update guidance and ensure their workforce is equipped to navigate everyday risks to the business. By creating engaging and accessible training, employees can be empowered to actively contribute to a culture of integrity and ethical conduct. This fosters trust, enhances brand reputation, and ultimately drives long-term organizational success.

At Learning Pool, we embrace these challenges head-on. With our award-winning Adaptive Compliance courses and technology, we deliver learner-centric experiences that yield a quantifiable return on investment (ROI). Our approach enables organizations to assess their compliance risk landscape and proactively address areas in need of remediation, ensuring readiness in the face of evolving regulations.

Adaptive learning is revolutionizing online learning by offering personalized experiences. Download our latest eBook, Target, Tailor, and Humanize Compliance Training Using Adaptive Learning Principles to find out more.

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