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LMS Global Messaging

Introducing LMS Global Messaging

Introducing our latest feature – LMS Global Messaging. You can now create and send branded emails directly from your Learning Pool LMS. 

We are seriously excited about our LMS at the moment. As we’re now able to decide on the direction of our development priorities, this newfound freedom means lots of benefits to our customers and…

You told us, we listened

Learning Pool LMS is one of the most feature-rich systems on the market, but we’re not complacent! One of the things Learning Pool does is listen to our customers, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve and innovate. Feedback to improve was around the messaging system, it was reported that some of the unbranded emails that come directly from the LMS can look like phishing emails.

It’s well known that having branded messages is a great way of enhancing the reputation of your organization. Marketing via email is by far one of the most effective tools ever and this is also the case in marketing your learning material. Not only can it get you basic recognition from your learners but it also reinforces the reputation of the business AND brand of LMS.

With this in mind, I want to introduce one of the latest enhancements we have released, LMS Global Messaging. You’ll now be able to control the design of your emails and include background colors, fonts, borders and have the option to include images.

LMS Global Messaging

This means all emails sent from the LMS can have your organization’s branding information included, so your learners will quickly identify emails that have been sent from the LMS.

If you are interested in having this enabled on your LMS, contact the support desk via [email protected] and they can apply your organization’s logo and brand colors in line with your LMS branding.

Next on the plan

We have a robust roadmap and will now release our features as and when they are ready, instead of yearly, will give our customers more to get excited about!


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