Learning Pool LMS Roadmap


We take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.

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Certification Improvements
Ability for a user to recertify outside of the normal recertification window
Position Hierarchy Field
A field that allows you to report on the structure location of the persons position within the organization's structure
Global Message Improvements
The ability to brand global messages with your own header and footer so that your communications are professionally presented and in line with your organization's branding.
Multi-org Viewer
A range of plugins that will help any customers who are taking a multi-tenanted approach on their LMS.
Future Skills for the LMS
This is a version of Future Skills designed specifically for the LMS, making best use of the functionality available to optimise the experience for the learner.

Coming soon

Program Templates
A clearer representation of the program, making it simpler and easier for learners to track their own progress.
More KPI Dashlets
Additional dashlets based on client requirements
1 Click Compliance - Improved Compliance Access
Learners will be able to access their compliance training quickly and easily. As soon as they login they will be presented with the block containing all their required learning.
A Rapid creation and publishing tool for in-platform creation of professional resources. Quickly and easily produce high-quality information and communication resources and publish directly.
Customizable dashboards and visualizations providing powerful insights into all learning data across Stream LXP, LP LMS, and Learning Locker using an enterprise grade business intelligence (BI) solution.
Mobile App
A mobile app that will allow learners to access their offline content.
MS Teams Integration
Bring through both the meeting details and the link from MS Teams directly into the LMS.


Advanced Question Analysis (Pulse)
An enhanced version of the Questions Analysis visualizations in Learning Locker, designed to help analyze both LMS quiz and assessment data and data from Adapt content. Granular analysis at a question-and-answer level.
Seminar Notes
The ability to add private notes, only available to the trainer.
Seminar Sessions to Shopping Basket
Product Feature
Shopping Basket Product Promotions Block
Product Feature
Course Introduction Block Support for Shopping Basket
Product Feature