Learning Pool LMS Roadmap


We take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


Training Tiles
Separate the course activities using beautiful and meaningful imagery. Activities on the page are easily identified and quick to access.
CPD Dashboard Improvements
A simplified version of the CPD Dashboard with a really clear representation of work done / work to be completed. Created in response to feedback from clients.
xAPI Logstore
The xAPI logstore basically acts as a translator between your LMS and LRS. It enables the LMS to send a range of xAPI events for a list of LMS activities that include course, program and certification completions and Seminar attendances. It is very easily integrated with our Learning Locker LRS to allow our customers Learning Management Systems to be a core part of their Learning Ecosystems.

Coming soon

Global Message Improvements
The ability to brand global messages with your own header and footer so that your communications are professionally presented and in line with your organization's branding.
Program Templates
A clearer representation of the program, making it simpler and easier for learners to track their own progress.
LMS Pulse
Save time, money and resource by combining the analytical power of Learning Pool's award winning LRS, Learning Locker and Waves, our new elearning automation tool. Incorporating these two powerful tools into the delivery of your learning campaigns will remove many of the remedial tasks for administrators to help their learners through training, while providing instant access to comprehensive reporting information for managers.
Seminar Event Notes
Add notes to any session that just you and the trainer can see. For clear and open communication.
Seminar Sessions to Shopping Cart
Easily select and purchase seminar sessions using the Shopping Cart
A Rapid creation and publishing tool for in-platform creation of professional resources. Quickly and easily produce high-quality information and communication resources and publish directly.
More KPI Dashlets
More Dashlets available to Remix users for visual tracking and reporting.
Stream Integration
An integration with our Stream LXP to make it easier for those transitioning to the LXP, or starting to offer self-directed or Future Skills programs alongside LMS training.


Rapids Interactive
The next release of our Rapid publishing tool, allowing more video options and more interactivity, while keeping it simple.
Advanced Question Analysis (Pulse)
An enhanced version of the Questions Analysis visualizations in Learning Locker, designed to help analyze both LMS quiz and assessment data and data from Adapt content. Granular analysis at a question-and-answer level.
LMS Campaign Templates (Pulse)
A set of of ready-made templates in Waves designed for use with the LMS. Designed with best-practice in mind. Use them as is, or as inspiration for your own specific campaign.
Virtual Onboarding Suite
A range of enhancements to make Virtual Onboarding an easier new-normal, making the most of the tools available to create an engaging, communication-driven experience for new hires.
Course Introduction for Purchase
View Course Introduction prior to purchase. Promote course benefits and objectives. make your target audience and any pre-requisites clear before purchase.
Promotion Block
Advertise products to shoppers. Choose to promote courses and programs, advertise using this new block with images and course links.