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Learning Pool’s Popular ‘Introduction to the xAPI’ OLX Returns

As part of a lineup of free courses, have announced a revised version of the highly successful “Introduction to the xAPI” OLX, which first ran in Summer 2015, and saw over 800 people from across the globe taking part in a 4-week course.

The course – delivered via Learning Pool’s (formerly HT2 Labs) award-winning social learning platform – uses a mix of curated and original content and a gamified approach to deliver an engaging, informative learning experience to participants, who are also encouraged to continue the conversation and take part in live events using the #LearnxAPI hashtag.

Starting with a number of live events and facilitation, the 2016 version of the course goes live on Thursday May 26, and is currently open for pre-registration.

In developing the new version of the course, Ben Betts, CPO at Learning Pool said:

“Following the success of the LearnxAPI course last year, and the great response we’ve had to our new-style courses for 2016, an update of LearnxAPI has been in-demand.. We’ve seen a much greater interest in learning analytics and the xAPI since the the turn of the year. We’ve released a new version of our Learning Record Store, Learning Locker and we’re keen to let people play with the more advanced version of our software.

“The new version of the course follows a similar design to the one we ran last year, only we’ve updated the content to better reflect the current thinking and best practice. Whether you’re looking to explore the technical realities and strategic possibilities of the xAPI, or already using it – this is the community to help you make more sense of your data strategy and roadmap!

Registration for the OLX is open now along with a number of other free courses, many of which are CPD Certified, via Resources area of the Learning Pool website.

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