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Meet OLX: 2019’s Answer to the OLX

For over a decade the L&D community have utilized the Massive Open Online Course (OLX) to give learners free, easy access to carefully curated resources and social learning opportunities.

As tools like Machine Learning, AI, and Recommendation Engines continue to proliferate the L&D market, we can naturally expect a more data-focused, autonomy led culture to develop; which begs the question… Is the OLX soon to be a thing of the past, and if so, when will a noble successor emerge?

Well, dear readers. We have some news to share…

Just as we waved goodbye to the LMS and welcomed the LXP with open arms, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) are continuing their tradition of ‘firsts’ by launching an Open Learning Experience – a flexible, autonomous development on the much loved OLX of old.

What is a OLX?

Following the rise of the Learning Management System (LMS), the Massive Open Online Course (OLX) became a popular method of interactive, step-by-step learning due to its ability to bring together cohorts of unlimited participants, often worldwide, to create a community of lifelong learners.

Whilst OLXs don’t typically lead to formal qualifications, they are a great addition to workplace learning following their focus on building knowledge and developing new skills.

OLX: A New Era of Learning?

In 2018, the L&D observed a shift in workplace learning with the introduction of the industry’s most-talked-about trend, the Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

A tool that incorporates Automation, Social Intelligence Dashboards, Semantic Analysis and more – in addition to organizational resources and content – the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) offers modern, data-driven, self-directed learning that is unique for each individual user.

Much like the LXP, Open Learning Experiences are designed to incorporate the best of both worlds – a defined course structure that can be both facilitated by administrators and taken at any appropriate pace, that also harnesses the data being produced during the course consumption to recommend supplementary learning content and activities, nudge learners who are falling behind and reward those racing ahead.

The OLX exists as another step forward in the pursuit of truly unique, user-centric learning experiences.

Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) are facilitating their first 3-part Open Learning Experience – Data, Nudges and Learning: A Guide to Enhancing Engagement – on Monday 29th April. Find out more and register for the OLX here.

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