LMS Pulse

Reduce time to compliance by combining the analytical power of Learning Locker and the automation features of Waves in LMS Pulse

Automate and Analyse

Deliver personalized learning campaigns and easily measure their success


Set triggers on any type of activity such as enrolments, completions or even the answer to a specific question, then use that data to direct your learner on the next stage of their journey


You can see how well the triggered emails have performed in terms of increasing the activity on your platform and in encouraging learners to complete content that has a due date

Compliance simplified

All the complexity of a full LRS built-in and none of the learning curve for a high-end BI tool; simply giving the data you need to improve compliance and demonstrate the impact of your efforts

What you can do with LMS Pulse

Automate learning campaigns

Save time and money through automation of learning campaigns, allowing L&D to focus on L&D

Use nudge theory

Make data-driven decisions about the right time to encourage learners during their learning journey

Personalize learning

Customize a learner’s experience depending on learners’ responses and engagement on your LXP or LMS

Reduce time to compliance

Create automated routes to compliance and measure the efficiency of these

Demonstrate the benefits of automation

Maximize the benefit of the money spent on training by optimizing the delivery of your courses and content

One-click overview of activity data

Monitor progress and gain insights into key metrics, ensuring you are fully up to date with the activity on your platform

LMS Pulse is available to all Learning Pool LMS customers. Get in touch to find out how you can drive compliance, improve learner performance and show the results with LMS Pulse and your LMS.

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