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The PLAY Project Autism Intervention Certification Course Wins at DevLearn

The PLAY Project’s Online Certification Course, in partnership with Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs), won the ‘Best Blended Learning Solution – Non-Vendor’ award on November 10th at DevLearn 2016’s DemoFest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The ‘Best Blended Learning Solution – Non-Vendor’ recognized the the best blend of both technology and classroom learning out of roughly 100 submissions. In particular, the award was focused on the The PLAY Project course’s ability to blend interactive eLearning, video content, and social contributions, both live and online.

Ben Betts, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)’ CEO, picks up the ‘Best Blended Learning Solution – Non-Vendor’ after showcasing the project at DemoFest

Using Learning Pool’s (formerly HT2 Labs) learning platform, Learning Pool Platform, this course teaches professionals to deliver an evidence-based, parent-implemented autism early intervention program to child development professionals becoming certified as PLAY Project Consultants.

A case study on the project can be found here.

“We are honored to have received the award and grateful for this collaboration with Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs),” said Richard Solomon, MD, founder and medical director of The PLAY Project. “We have created a professional training that is helping thousands of children with autism and their families receive needed services. My hope is that this award raises awareness and contributes to our goal of increasing access to autism services around the world.”

The DevLearn conference, presented by The eLearning Guild, is the leading North American conference for the training technology profession. DemoFest serves as a showcase at the conference, where organizations submit projects that have been worked on during the previous year.  Thousands of eLearning professionals review these demos and vote on the best in different categories.

The PLAY Project’s goal is to train PLAY Project Consultants at the highest level and to prepare them to provide PLAY Project Autism intervention for families with children affected by autism. This award is recognition of the quality of training that The PLAY Project provides to child development professionals.

This award contributes to the value of The PLAY Project Autism Intervention model which is already recognized for its effectiveness in helping children improve in their autism, while empowering parents.

To find out more about The PLAY Project or PLAY Project Autism Intervention, email Nick Vetter at [email protected] or call (734) 585-5333.

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