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What’s New in Learning Locker v2.3 (Enterprise)

If you’ve not yet seen Learning Locker version 2 (also known as Learning Locker Enterprise), you are missing out! Alongside the huge feature list that already exists, we’re constantly shipping updates to the product with improvements and fixes.

Over the last 8 weeks the Learning Locker development team has been hard at work shipping version 2.3. If you’ve got an Enterprise Learning Locker account, then you’ll be seeing this update pushed to your server in the coming days. Here’s what to look out for:

What’s New in v2.3

Shareable Dashboards

This is a biggie, and one that we’ve been wanting to ship for a while; the ability to embed your customised dashboards in another web page (locked down by domain name).

For example, we’ve embedded a demo dashboard in this page on our website using a simple iframe:

This feature will make sharing the output of your analysis super simple. You can just email a colleague the link to a ‘public’ dashboard, or embed it on a website that only your team can visit.

Saved Queries

Sometimes you can make some pretty complex queries with Learning Locker, especially if you edit the API calls directly.

You’ve always been able to save those queries for use elsewhere in the platform, but now you can update previously saved queries or use a ‘save as’ type function to create a new saved query based on an old one.

You’ll now need to hit the ‘load’ button, as shown below, to make the query you’ve selected load.

Added query editor to the Export / Reporting user interface

When you go to create exports / reports you can now directly edit the API calls being made to give really tight control on your output.

We’re looking to make this work via the GUI in a future iteration, but we’ll settle for editing the query directly for the time-being. You’ll find the new button in the bottom left.

Search to login page for people with a lot of organisations

Some of our biggest users make heavy use of our multi-tenancy feature. Now it’s easier to search for the organisation you want to access.

A more finely-grained scoping layer to prepare for 2.4

Our next release will see more permissions coming for controlling who gets to see and edit various queries and dashboard reporting. We’ve put some hooks in place this time around to make the next update a little easier.

What’s Changed in 2.3

In addition to the new features that we’ve added, we’ve also made a few updates to frequently used features that users have asked us to tweak for various reasons.

This includes:

  • Allowing up to 500,000 records in a single CSV export (it was 100,000)
  • More speed improvements. We’ve introduced some smarter logic around data fetching resulting in less server load and faster time to data (debouncing, preventing duplicate requests). This includes assets now being chunked into ‘per page’ bundles; you don’t have to load the whole site to see a single page.
  • You can now log in to an org directly by going to the route if you are already logged in. (Not that it really bothered anyone apart from [Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) Software Engineer] Ryan, but you know, the little things.)

What’s Fixed in 2.3

And finally, we’ve hunted down a few bugs down that needed fixing:

  • Scrolling down really far in a journey visualisation sometimes stopped loading more results. Now squashed.
  • Removing a user from an organisation could actually delete them in certain circumstances. We’ve stopped that!
  • Setting a Journey to ‘inactive’ wouldn’t actually stop it processing new statements. Which wasn’t always a bad thing, but wasn’t what you’d actually asked it to do… so we fixed that too.

So, lots of good things, and we’re already working on the next release… so watch this space!

As always, get in touch to take Learning Locker for a test drive.

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