Learning Locker® LRS

Our LRS helps organizations reconcile experience data from many systems. Powerful analysis and automation tools make your learning actionable

See how analytics transforms your learning environment

Take control of your learning data

Aggregate, analyze and automate with our powerful features

Visualize data

Create powerful custom dashboards with no code or query language to learn

Fully xAPI compliant

Learning Locker® is the world's most tested and scalable xAPI Learning Record Store

Powerful apps

Select from a huge range of add-on applications to power-up your learning

Powerful Features

Cloud-managed, on-premise, OEM and open source supported

Multiple Stores, One Installation

Multi-tenant enabled, allowing you to set up multiple stores to collect xAPI according to different data source and storage requirements

User Segmentation

Learning Locker has a complete API for storing and reusing valuable user information that can be used to slice and dice xAPI data into ad-hoc groups and reporting

Business Automation

Create complex business rules to transform incoming activity data into new, aggregated activity records. Perfect for automating learning and administration tasks

Automatic Indexation

Learning Locker is designed to cope with any xAPI data you can throw at it, even if it’s something we’ve never seen before

API Driven

Take complete control over Learning Locker through our powerful and fully documented APIs

BI Connectors

Connecting directly into MongoDB, you can read and report on your data in a familiar BI visualization tool such as Tableau or Power BI

Open Source or Enterprise SaaS

Find the features you need and take control of your learning data today
Open source
Full xAPI Support
Custom Dashboards
Full API Access
Exporting to CSV
Secure Hosting (or On-Premise Support)
99.5% Uptime Guarantee
Exceptional technical support
Business Automation (Journeys)
SAML 2.0 SSO Support
Commercial (OEM) License Options
Enterprise App Store

Power-up your Enterprise Learning Locker with our apps

Tools for integration with your existing tech stack - automate business processes or take your analytics to the next level

Semantic Analysis

Use our proprietary algorithm to drive insights into the quality of learners' submissions.

BI Connector

Feed your BI tool with real-time data from Learning Locker®


Deliver personalized feedback and automate workflow


Specify complex patterns of user behaviour


Summarize text from thousands of sources


API integration with one of the largest off-the-shelf learning platforms

Cornerstone On Demand

Get xAPI statements from the reporting outputs of one of the most widely used LMS's on the market.

Google Forms

Automatically takes data that your form respondents fill out in Google Forms and pipes it into the LRS of your choice for analysis.

Integration Pipeline

Multiple integrations with non-xAPI data


Convert conversation data into xAPI statements

Survey Monkey

Input your survey data directly into the Learning Locker


One of the most widely used off-the-shelf content providers in the world

Data Archive

Store query data for up to two years.

URL Shortener

Create simple, shareable URLs


Convert spreadsheet data into xAPI statements


Securely launch xAPI content packages


A central administration tool for organizations seeking to comply with GDPR





Take control of your learning data and visualize it with Learning Locker. Contact us today and take the first step in your data journey.

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