Brandon Hall Business Builder: Demonstrating the Business Value of L&D

The world runs on data and successful organizations have figured out how to identify, collect and analyze their data to continuously improve the products they make, the services they provide, and the way the business is run.

Most companies do a good job of tracking who has completed what training, but that isn’t telling the whole story, let alone helping determine the ROI of learning. It is only by embracing a data-driven approach can L&D truly demonstrate learning’s value to the business.

The goal of this report is to assist organizations in thinking through how they approach learning analytics, including the tools and strategies they should employ to establish and measure specific metrics.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • What are the top challenges with learning analytics?
  • What tools and skills are required for learning analytics?
  • Questions organizations need to ask about their approach to learning analytics.


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