Adding data and learning analytics to your organization

Adding data and learning analytics to your organization has moved to the front and centre of L&D's skillset, making it really important to consider.


Learning professionals are increasingly looking to bring data and learning analytics to the center of their practice. But while data measurement is a critical focus area for learning and development, learning professionals aren’t confident in their data analytics skills and see challenges as they respond to calls from the business to be more data-driven.

We are more aware than ever that everything we do generates data. Not just at work, but our daily routines too. From liking things on social media and online banking to exercising and sitting in a chair passively consuming media on TV. These normal everyday activities generate data that affects the world around us.

There is a consensus among thought leaders, analysts and high-profile practitioners that L&D needs to up its game on data analytics in order to improve the perception of its value within organizations. More specifically, it needs to show that its activities result in tangible, measurable performance improvements.

This Learning Pool eBook aims to look at data and its use in learning through a wider lens, shedding light on the common mistakes L&D departments often make and the ways in which an organization can get the most out of its learning analytics.

Over the nine sections in this download you will learn:

  • Choosing the right training evaluation model
  • How an LRS can help you meet performance goals and objective
  • Why aspiring L&D managers should focus on learning analytics in organizations
  • Where is your organization in its learning analytics journey?
  • Learning analytics strategy in the post-COVID world


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