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Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education

Written and edited by colleagues at Fielding Graduate University, a valued client of Learning Pool, the ‘Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education’ is a timely and comprehensive response to the higher education crises triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Online learning has moved to the forefront of academia as institutes of higher learning around the world have been compelled to move their classroom courses to the virtual space with little preparation. And thus, the development and implementation of these new programs require that traditional teaching techniques and course work be significantly reworked. 

The ‘Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education’ consists of 20 chapters authored by experts in the field of teaching in the online environment to adult students enrolled in graduate university degree programs, corporate training programs, and continuing education courses. 

Chapter 6, ‘The Evolution of Learning Technologies and Platforms’ was co-authored by Learning Pool’s CEO, Dr Ben Betts and CXO, Dr Page Chen. In this chapter, Ben and Page offer an overview of the evolution of platforms for online learning in use today. Starting with early computer-based solutions and course management approaches and moving into learning environments, such as learning management systems (LMS) and virtual learning environments (VLE), the chapter addresses the technology of course delivery through to reporting and analytics. 

It also touches upon ancillary services such as tutorial support, collaborative learning, proctoring, and the use of online library resources. Likewise, Ben and Page delve into the advancement of features for digital learning platforms including the strategy behind the evolution of platform design and the impact of the proliferation of content. 

Concluding the chapter, Ben and Page discuss the evolution of online learning data and how a smarter breed of AI-based technology and its counterpoint, a human desire for connected and transformational experiences will impact digital learning in the future. 

If you’d like to read more of Ben and Page’s chapter, ‘The Evolution of Learning Technologies and Platforms’, the ‘Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education’ is now available

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