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Learning Locker® helps you to figure out what works when it comes to learning in your organization. 

Learning Locker® allows internal L&D professionals to combine learning data, evaluation data and business data into a single dashboard to undertake detailed analysis of learning programs and optimize for impact, engagement and efficiency. Without the need for code or complex BI tools, Learning Locker® is the simplest way to enable Learning Analytics in your company. 

For digital learning architects, Learning Locker® enables next generation learning ecosystems, offering an open, enterprise-level of integration between different tools and technologies. Learning Locker® is the only Learning Record Store that gives you complete flexibility in deployment – available Enterprise or Open Source, in the cloud, or on-premise.


Key Features

Learning Locker® comes with a number of powerful features: 

Multiple stores, one installation Learning Locker® comes multi-tenant enabled, allowing you to set up multiple stores within Learning Locker® to collect xAPI according to different data source and storage requirements. 

User segmentation Learning Locker® has a complete API for storing and reusing valuable user information that can be used to slice and dice xAPI data into ad-hoc groups and reporting. 

Shareable dashboards Offer a great way to share the results of your learning analytics with the rest of your business – without the need to create and support lots of users. 

API-driven Take complete control over Learning Locker® through our powerful (and very well documented) APIs. 

Automated indexes & suggestions Learning Locker® is designed to cope with any xAPI data you can throw at it, even if it’s something we’ve never seen before.

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