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Learning Pool bolsters compliance offering with new adaptive content trainings 

NEW YORK and DERRY, January 4th, 2024 — We’re thrilled to announce the addition of new and refreshed courses within our Adaptive Content for Compliance Training offering. The scenario-based courses, complemented by our proprietary technology, IQ Analytics, deliver a tailored compliance journey for learners and organizations. With over $11 million invested in R&D in 2023, including this refresh, we continue to be committed to being the go-to partner in compliance training and workplace learning around the world. 

In an era where businesses are rapidly evolving and integrating advanced technologies, the landscape of compliance has become more complex and crucial than ever. Regulations continue to tighten across industries, and organizations cannot afford the costly repercussions of a compliance misstep. Maintaining a robust compliance program is not just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s also a strategic advantage. Businesses that prioritize compliance outperform their peers and are more likely to attract and retain top talent, fostering a culture of trust and responsibility. And as the consequences of missteps loom, the U.S. Department of Justice continues to echo its expectation that companies level-up their compliance data readiness to measure program effectiveness.

We’re addressing the need for compliance readiness through robust personalized training, reinforcement, and predictive data-backed behavioral insights for strategic decision-making. This enables organizations to assess their current compliance risk landscape and proactively identify areas  in need of remediation. More specifically, to support organizations on their compliance journeys, we offer:

  • Adaptive Content for Compliance Training: Immersive courses bring learners through a tailored experience that goes beyond check-the-box completion to drive meaningful behavioral change. Adaptive content adjusts in real time based on each learner’s performance in the course for an efficient, learner-centric experience. As part of our January course release, we have refreshed several Off-the-Shelf offerings with a focus on ensuring continued consistency with today’s regulatory environment, best practices, and current ways of working. These offerings also reflect an enhanced emphasis on providing additional, more nuanced content to employees whose roles, responsibilities, or job functions necessitate it. These refreshed courses include: Upholding Our Code; Upholding Our Code: Manufacturing and Industrial Edition; Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) Suite; Anti-Discrimination; and Conflicts of Interest. 
  • IQ Analytics: IQ Analytics is an easy-to-use cloud-based portal that gives administrators the full picture of their employees’ compliance readiness. This proprietary technology not only tracks compliance proficiency but also offers insights into employee behavior, helping administrators identify any potential risks or blind spots.

“It’s time for compliance to assume its rightful role as a strategic business partner across the organization—and data-informed programs are critical to facilitating this,” said Harper Wells, Chief Compliance Officer at Learning Pool. “Merely aspiring to do the right thing is no longer sufficient for organizations to remain compliant in today’s world. To stay ahead and be effective, compliance training needs to go beyond tracking course completion rates. Organizations need programs that offer personalized learning journeys, underpinned by data, to empower employees to do the right thing and prevent potential compliance missteps.”

Discover a full list of Adaptive Content for Compliance here

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