Ready to make the switch to an LMS? Here’s a ready-to-use RFP

Making the switch to an LMS for the first time may seem like a step into the unknown.  With the choices on offer, how can you evaluate what’s out there and find the right LMS for you? 

Reaching out to suppliers with a Request For Proposal (RFP) can help ensure you get the right information to make an informed decision about which LMS suits your organization’s needs.

Use the RFP as a guide

So, what would one include in an RFP? Your main objective should be to establish the functionality and features that you need and provide prospective suppliers with a simple way to confirm whether they offer these or not.

Learning Pool’s downloadable, editable functionality checklist can be used as a guide and key component in an RFP for making the switch to an LMS.  This spreadsheet provides an overview of relevant features and reveals the LMS’s potential to address your organization’s HR, L&D and strategic goals.  You can compare the functionality with your own internal needs for various departments and stakeholders across the organization: HR, L&D, Sales and Marketing, IT, administrators, management and, not least, the end-users.

Simply combine this spreadsheet with a letter instructing suppliers to complete the checklist, and provide any further information you may be interested in and voila, you have yourself an RFP.

As a learning tool, an LMS is not just a place to store and manage content, it can offer you the chance to create new content in new formats.  This can be in the form of elearning courses, webinars, and searchable digital resources that together can be used to create a total blended learning solution.  For versatility and future-proofing make sure that the LMS offers capability with SCORM and xAPI standards. You’ll also need a system where you can create, manage and record assessments and generate certificates of completion.

The performance management aspect of an LMS system is vital in tracking learner progress and compliance.  An LMS can offer competency frameworks that allow you to map competencies directly to job roles. You can use the LMS to record CPD activities and provide reports and training records for managers.

A modern LMS needn’t be just about pushing content at learners and driving them through training programs.  The latest LMSs offer the ability to curate user-generated content, enable learner-to-learner messaging and facilitate the organisation, tracking and management of face-to-face training.  This added social dimension improves accessibility and engagement. Features like the single sign-on and web browser capability help make the system invisible to the learner.

From an organizational strategic perspective, you’ll need to consider technical compatibility with your existing systems and access to the LMS across devices and platforms and data security.  Technical support in terms of the deployment and implementation of the system, as well as support for learners and trainers, should be elements in the package. You need to take ownership of your LMS so look to ensure you can customize and brand the LMS to reflect your organization’s vision and culture.

Compliance and learner performance

The initial switch to an LMS is often driven by HR.  Their main incentive is to move away from spreadsheet compliance reporting to a system that automates tracking, reporting and monitoring.  The LMS can be used to set objectives and goals that can be matched against completion. Reports are easy to customize and the data can be exported in a range of graphically-rich, easy-to-interpret formats.  Learners too can be kept up to date with automated notifications and reminders.

The LMS provides a number of features to improve learner engagement with digital certificates and badges and leader boards.  Adaptive and personalized learning plans can be created based on job roles and competencies. Appraisals, feedback and performance reviews can be tied to company goals and managed within the LMS.

Making the switch to Learning Pool’s Stream LMS

At Learning Pool we provide a highly flexible, feature-rich, open-source LMS that supports great learning, easy compliance and clear reporting and you can now deliver personalized learning campaigns and easily measure their success too.  With over 450 global LMS customers, Learning Pool has the experience, expertise and customer support to help you make the right choice.

The RFP we’re providing not only shows you what you currently need but also demonstrates the range of tools that provide the flexibility to help you adapt your LMS as your organization grows and develops.  

Now you’re ready to make the switch.


[Download the LMS RFP here]





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