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Improve your multi-tenancy experience with these new Learning Platform plugins

As part of our commitment to improving our Learning Pool Platform, we’ve developed some new plugins that will save administrators time, personalize courses for different organizations and overall enhance your multi-tenancy experience.

We have all seen the term ‘multi-tenancy’ mentioned for quite some time. During discussions with customers and peers, it has become apparent that the term ‘multi-tenancy’ has different meanings for different people, depending on what they are trying to achieve.

There are organizations that simply want to have a different theme displayed, for their users depending on the organization they belong to.

For instance, some organizations need a platform that can display multiple organizations’ branding and silo courses from each of them.

New plugins

We have developed some new Learning Platform plugins. These, along with our Nebula Theme, Audiences, Audience Based Visibility, and Dashboards, will certainly add great benefit to customers taking a multi-tenanted style approach.

  • Organization Enrolment – When added to course pages, administrators can upload users from their organization to courses. This removes the need for administrators to try and figure out who is in their organization.
  • Welcome Text – Are you fed up with having multiple dashboards to manage? The Welcome Text block can certainly help as it enables the delivery of a unique welcome message. This goes to users depending on the organization they have been assigned.
  • Contact Instructor/Trainer Block – You might have a course that multiple organizations need access to. As a result, the contact details for the instructors may be different for each organization. With this block, you can also assign specific contact details to the corresponding organization.
  • Organization Details Block/Contact Us – When learners enroll on a course, depending on the organization they belong to they will have that organization’s details including the logo displayed to them on the page. This is a great way to personalize the course pages, as well as having useful organization contact information handy should they need it.
  • Resources Block – Adding a resource block to a course page will allow you to add text, links, or files, etc. This will only be visible to the selected organization. This is useful for organizational-specific documentation that should only be displayed to internal employees.

These plugins have been released and are now available for you to use on your learning platform.

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Interested in learning more? Watch our on-demand webinar Putting your learning online rapidly with Learning Pool’s Learning Platform to see some of the other resources available in our LMS from our Product Manager, Andrew McMonagle.

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