L&D for the 21st Century

Learning & development for the modern workforce


At a time when skills and reskilling are at a premium, organizations need training more than ever. Modern organizations are changing to become responsive, flexible and agile and that means their workforce and their L&D need to be too. We must reimagine workplace learning, transition from it being discrete and episodic to being continuous and constantly inventive with a focus on concrete performance results.

Aimed at businesses who are new to online learning and development or those looking to make sure they are doing the basics well, this Learning Pool eBook includes:


  1. Introduction: Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ of work amid the global Coronavirus pandemic
  2. Why your learning and development isn’t working 
  3. The top four new challenges for L&D
  4. How to create learner-focused workplace training  
  5. How branding can transform your learning and development 
  6. Top 10 tools that empower learners to train themselves
  7. Five top internal training areas to target
  8. Creating a learning and knowledge-sharing culture in your organization
  9. How to manage stakeholders when bringing learning to your organization 


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