Better design for better learning: Adapt like a designer

Part 2 of the Better design for better learning webinar series

How does the flexible nature of responsive e-learning content affect the images used to illustrate it?

When layout and dimensions change according to a device’s operating system, type and orientation, how can those of us building e-learning content ensure that our content is responsive-ready – and styled well to give maximum impact?

Spend nearly an hour with Allyson Black and Kara McConway on to get insight and professional tips to help you use images and styling most effectively to build better-looking, responsive e-learning content.

During this session you’ll learn:

the general rules for preparing and formatting images ready for use in responsive e-learning;

creating and theming a menu – enabling you to signpost what’s in your content;

how to theme your pages to quickly and effectively give a flexible, professional look to your content;

some of the common issues and challenges presented by designing for responsive content and how to address these;

By taking part in the webinar you’ll also get the opportunity to submit your own design challenges to our graphic designers to get insight into how they’d present your content.

Better design for better learning is a three-part webinar series featuring Learning Pool’s graphic design team, who provide the inspiration, design skills and creativity seen across Learning Pool’s e-learning catalogues, custom e-learning content and LMS themes.

In this series of webinars, you’ll get an opportunity to see how they work, ask questions about their process and get a chance to have their skills and experience applied to your e-learning challenges.

Whatever your level of experience or confidence, each webinar will give you tools, tips and techniques to take back to your workplace and incorporate into your workflow.

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The presenters

‘Hero’ Scenario Writing line up

Allyson Black
Graphic Design
Allyson has been part of the Learning Pool graphic design team from 2014 after graduating from university. She creates customer LMS and Adapt themes and content, using the Adapt Builder regularly.
Kara McConway
Kara is a Senior Designer and has been a part of the Learning Pool graphics team since November 2013, with over 15 years’ prior experience as a creative and freelance designer for various design studios.