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Compliance e-learning that’s fun? You can’t be serious

We’ve been working hard to get gaming features added to Adapt Builder, meaning you can gamify your learning, without a hefty price tag. These new features will make learning fun, meaning higher engagement from learners and an increased completion rate for your reports – what’s not to love?Everyone needs a mentor, and for good reason too. Adding the Adapt mentor feature to your e-learning content has some great benefits:

  • a digital guide that gives the user advice or tips as they progress through a course. You can keep it simple with just one mentor image that will appear to the user as a friendly face helping them through a module
  • you can also use different characters for learners at various stages of the course. A fun twist, to challenge learners, is using a mentor to try and lead them astray. So, you could have two characters that appear at different intervals but one providing good advice and one providing bad advice

A health bar is one of the most common elements of video games. Do something wrong and lose health or do something right and gain health. This is where health gauge comes in.

  • this feature allows you to reward your users for correct answers or penalise them for incorrect answers
  • adding an extra layer of competition and interactivity within a course as you can challenge your users to see if they can build up to full health or to retain full health throughout the module
  • on a practical level the health gauge could be used as an indicator as to how much the user knows on a course before taking an assessment – if the user has been answering knowledge checks throughout then the health gauge can give them an indication of how they have been doing so far
  • learners can see how they would do in the assessment and whether there are any topics they can brush up on before attempting it

Send your learners on a mission with our new customisable Mission menu feature.

  • you can add slick font awesome icons to the page buttons on the menu, to really impress your learners
  • icons can also change colour to highlight when a page has been completed, giving an overall stylish look and feel to your learning

Let us guide you through how each of these new features can complement a course and explore how you can apply them to your own e-learning.

Check out the recording here and if you haven’t already, book your place for our third and final Adapt Builder webinar instalment below.

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