Going Beyond Diversity: A Call for Inclusion

9 June 2022 16:00

Going Beyond Diversity: A Call for Inclusion


No matter the order the abbreviations are presented (ED&I, DE&I or DI&B), Equality, Diversity and Inclusion impact us all. Never has it been more critical to recognize and redefine EDI training in the workplace. It is vital that organizations recognize that belonging is a necessary part of workplace inclusion because it is a necessary part of the human experience.

For this sponsored webinar with eLearning Industry, Content Library Product Manager, Lauren Bradley will be joined by Polis  Loizou-Denye, Learning Designer at Learning Pool. During the session, they will have an open conversation about the challenges of unconscious bias, tackling the challenge of making sure employees feel heard and what we can do to drive a positive culture of inclusion and belonging.

They will also discuss the development of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training, how 2020 shifted the way we work, live and learn, and what we can do to support organizations in driving an inclusive culture.



During this session, the panel will discuss:

The background of our approach to EDI training and the unforeseen challenges that were presented

The difference between diversity and inclusion and what we need to do to ensure both are valued and present in workplace culture

How organizations can utilize our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training - not just as self-directed learning but to create an open and positive conversation for all

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Lauren Bradley
Content Library Product Manager
Lauren is responsible for the direction and development of Learning Pool’s Off-the-shelf Content Libraries and works closely with the Learning Experience and Delivery teams. Lauren is highly experienced in Product and Human-centered design.
Polis Loizou-Denye
Learning Designer
Polis joined Learning Pool at the end of August 2021. As a Learning Designer, he has so far worked on a number of courses relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.