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Helping the healthcare sector solve any learning challenge including onboarding, training and upskilling

Proven track record in helping to reduce staff attrition by 30%, expedite onboarding by 20% and reduce training seat time by 60%

Off-the-Shelf and Custom Content

We've worked with subject matter experts to create specialist social care & health, regulatory compliance, self-care and DEI-focused off-the-shelf content. Our custom content team supply services some of the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations.

Stream LMS or LXP

Stream adapts and scales to any learning scenario, enabling powerful experiences that meet the unique needs of your company.

Data Management

Aggregate granular learning analytics from across your ecosystem, allowing you to truly understand the skills you have today, and might need tomorrow.

What our customers say

"The launch of LiLi has been a huge success and is helping us achieve our compliance targets. More significantly, it has been excellent for self-directed learning, allowing us to build and curate programs for new and aspiring managers. We have seen an increase in staff taking responsibility for their own learning journeys and engagement with training has improved as a result."

Natasha Furness
Choice Support

"Learning Pool delivered what we needed. Engaging, flexible and it works across a range of devices. We’ve had great feedback about how it looks. Learners can start work on their computer, finish on their tablet and refresh on their smartphone. We think this is ideal for busy ‘on the go’ professionals."

Dr Jo Lawton
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

"We have been really pleased with the rollout of Stream LMS and it’s made a real impact on the engagement of training, with staff taking a more self-directed approach to their learning. The system allows us to better roll out and track mandatory training and the support that we have received from Learning Pool around set-up and reporting has been wonderful."

Vicky Rees
MPS Healthcare

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The main goal of social prescribing is to address the needs of patients, in a person-centred way, with a community-led approach, so that they feel empowered and have more control over their own health and wellbeing. 

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