‘Hero’ Scenario Writing

Part 2 of the Learning Design Boot Camp webinar series

How can you make your learner the hero of their developmental journey?

How can you tap into their real-world challenges, motivations and experiences to deliver activities that resonate with a modern audience?

Sit alongside two of Learning Pool’s learning design team as they build upon the action map created in webinar 1 of this series to develop effective and impactful scenarios sharing helpful tips and insider experience along the way.

At the end of this hour-long session you will:

At the end of this hour-long session you will:

have a better understanding of essential learning theory that will inform your approach to future projects.

be ready to build upon action mapping to write learning activities that challenge and connect with learners.

know how to develop answer sets that can’t be quickly guessed at.

have inspiration and ideas for how to better convert dry or heavy SME content into interactive, activity-focused learning.

understand the questioning techniques that can help you get to the heart of your SME’s content – every time.

Learning Design Boot Camp is a three-part webinar series featuring Learning Pool’s learning design team, who build the mobile ready, interaction-rich and polished content seen across Learning Pool’s e-learning catalogues, custom e-learning content and LMS themes.

In this series of webinars, you’ll learn more about the theory that underpins learning design, asee how that theory can be applied when building learning content and develop your own skills as you build your e-learning content.

Whatever your level of experience or confidence, each webinar will give you tools, tips and techniques to take back to your workplace and incorporate into your workflow.

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The presenters

‘Hero’ Scenario Writing line up

Rosie Scott
Senior Learning Designer
Rosie believes in the power of stories to facilitate learning and loves to bring her creativity to even the driest of content. She is excited to see how learning is being incorporated more and more into people’s normal working lives.
Lisa McGeady
Content Development
Having spent her career developing and delivering training to a wide range of audiences, Lisa believes that ‘putting yourself in their shoes’ is the most effective way to engage learners in a memorable e-learning...