Learning Analytics; From Inception To Maturity

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Learning Analytics has been around for many years yet few companies are fully realizing their incredible power in guiding learners, shaping learning and proving the ROI of its learning investment.

In this fascinating webinar, Dr. Ben Betts, CEO of Learning Pool will be joined by, writer, speaker, podcaster and Communications Consultant, John Helmer as they deliver and analyze the most recent results from Learning Pool’s latest research; the Learning Analytics Maturity Model.

Our initial results showcase how organizations rank themselves in their use of data for learning across 5 key stages of learning maturity; from simply ‘describing’ what’s happening to your learning all the way through to predicting and prescribing the next learning action.

Ben will then give participants a whistle-stop tour of the Learning Analytics Canvas, a new tool that any L&D professional can use to help bring their practices up to the next level of maturity.

During this session, you will learn:

A quick summary of learning evaluation, impact measurement and data

A look at results from our global benchmarking survey – The Learning Analytics Maturity model

How to use the Learning Analytics Canvas to help 'design for data' in your next learning experience

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Ben Betts
Chief Executive Officer
Ben Betts was one of the founders of HT2 Labs and his work with the company helped to define the ‘next generation’ of workplace digital learning platforms. Under Ben’s direction, HT2 Labs were amongst the first to put gamification into a Learning Experience Platform. Ben's focus is now on developing Learning Pool’s product portfolio and strategy. For the wider industry, he’s also focused on helping companies learn from employees’ collective experiences, on the role of self-directed learning in the workplace and on social learning, gamification and xAPI.
John Helmer
Writer, Speaker, Podcaster and Communications Consultant
John Helmer FLPI is a writer, speaker, podcaster and communications consultant. He runs and presents the acclaimed fortnightly podcast The Learning Hack, which features conversations with leading figures in learning in the US and UK. He is an active blogger and editor, and has written numerous articles